What Are Knotted Gowns And Why Are They So Popular?

What Are Knotted Gowns And Why Are They So Popular?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "What are knotted gowns and why are they so popular?". Our answer is always - they're not just cute, they're functional! They're a convenient one-piece that gives easy access to baby's diaper for quick changes and can be worn during the day but most popular as sleep wear. Knotted Gowns are the perfect gift that moms will actually use and love. Here are our top reasons we recommend adding a minimum of 3-5 to your list of essentials. 


newborn baby bamboo knotted gown and hat set golden honey
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Gentle on baby's skin

Our "dreamy" soft Knotted Gowns are made from Bamboo which is temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and extremely breathable - making it the perfect fabric for delicate newborn skin. No harsh chemicals here! 


Knotted Gowns are practical for the first few months of life when diaper changes are frequent. Quickly untie, change diaper, and tie back. No zippers or snaps! Our easy tie-bottom is adjustable so it fits your little one uniquely. We've added a little extra length to the tie bottom for longer babies and for moms who like the look of the extra fabric. Their sack like fit is the perfect transition from moms womb to the outside world - snug but not restrictive. ⁣Fuss free diaper changes = one happy Mama. Bonus: extra cute pictures to treasure forever!⁣ Make sure to pack one in your hospital bag for extra sweet announcement pictures or as a comfy coming home outfit. 

Bonus Features

Our stretchy envelope neckline was designed to allow you to pull baby's gown down over their shoulders instead of over their head. This is perfect for those late night blowouts. I think we've all experienced getting creative after a blowout ended up their entire back. If you haven't experienced it yet, trust me you will! 

It's the small details that matter, so we've added fold-over hand mitts to help keep baby's hands warm and face protected. Matching accessories can be found here. 

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