When Boredom Strikes: 15 Fun At-Home Activities for Families

When Boredom Strikes: 15 Fun At-Home Activities for Families

Bring on the creativity

We've been home for what seems like an eternity and are running out of ways to entertain ourselves. The kids are bored - and we all know what happens when boredom strikes. Now what? Bring on the creativity! Today we are sharing 15 (mostly free) at-home activities that you can do with your family to create new memories. 

1. Family Game Night

2. Make Your Favorite Pizza

3. Have a sleepover. Grab your sleeping bags and camp out in the living room for the night. 

4. Look through old family photos

5. Have a pillow fight

6. Do a puzzle together

7. Make a time capsule to look back on one day

8. Go outside and play " I Spy"

9. Create a family tree

10. DIY family photoshoot

11. Play show and tell

12. Go on a family bike ride

13. Bake cookies

14. Have breakfast for dinner in bed

15. Make a family wish list. Create a list of everything that you want to do together as a family over the next year, and a plan of action. 


Comment below if you enjoyed our list and plan on implementing into your family night rotation. Share some of your at-home family fun ideas! 

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